Who are we?

By profession a teacher, and privately an enthusiast of history, culture and art of the past centuries, and of peoples such as the Egyptians, Celts, Slavs, Germans, Japanese. However, the greatest impact on his life, as he says, was exerted by the indigenous nations of North America.

It all started back in the days of very early childhood, when the memorable television series „Last of the Mohicans” produced on the basis of the book by James Fenimore Cooper was aired. He has been broadening his knowledge and interest for over a quarter of a century; exploring professional and less professional literature, all studies and anthropological and historical publications on the subject of North American Indians, with emphasis on the Indian culture from the Eastern Forest.

Our village is devoted to exactly such topics that although little known, but fascinating and extremely cultural rich nations.

Gregory is also an imitator of handicrafts modelled on the originals of historical everyday objects.

A clinical psychologist by profession and fond of the visual arts, who finds fulfilment in painting and installations, trying her hand as well, at pottery and sculpture. She brings her knowledge and experience into the village in the form of execution of ceramic replicas, copies of figurines, etc., of the above mentioned ethnic groups and those from the regions of Lower Mississippi and Ohio (the so called Mound Builders Culture). At the Trading Post in our village she places ​​personally handmade; unusual and unique souvenirs, also related to the topic of the village.